Sohum Factory (SF) was Founded in 1998 as a privately owned enterprise. Over the years SF has grown to become one of the largest processors of scrap steel to produce rebar in the country. It has trading offices and processing plants across the Kingdom Saudi Arabia.




We at Sohum strive to achieve business excellence through:


  • The spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Optimal utilisation of available resources
  • Through waste recycling for reduced environmental impact
  • Adaptation of business ethics and practices
  • Human resource Development
  • Profit for all stake holders.



The Core values at the foundation of Sohum Factory (SF) are:


  • Business policy based on with Concern, Care and Commitment to Customers, Suppliers, Business Associates and Employees.
  • Building and sustaining healthy business relations based on trust and a reputation for quality and integrity.
  • Meaningfully contribute to the global quest for greener environment by facilitating waste recycling operations.
  • Be Loyal and appreciate loyalties.



We are also in the business of collecting, sorting, baling steel scrap of different types and supplying them to metal recycling companies not only in Saudi Arabia but also in many countries overseas.

Through our steel scrap business, we play a key role in driving the new Circular Economy Business Model in KSA. We are committed to reducing the potential environmental impacts on our local community by being an important link in the supply chain that drives resource efficient business model to reduce the life cycle impacts of new products through secondary Steel resources (Scrap).

We also outsource the manufacture of steel billets by supplying steel scrap to billet manufacturers and buying back billets for our rebar production. View Soham Scrap Website